Domestic Wagyu Beef

Wagyu cattle were bred for centuries in Japan to be working animals - pulling carts, etc.  Modernization occurred and draft animals were no longer necessary. Thusly, only in the last century have we come to know the very reasons for which Japanese Wagyu cattle were bred - long working hours and quick recovery time - translated into richly marbled and succulent beef. Wagyu Beef from Southern Meat Co is no exception.  Our Wagyu Beef is sourced from Wagyu cattle crossbred with Black Angus bred and born in the United States.  With a beef marbling score (BMS) that translates above USDA Prime and muscle fibers much finer than British and European Continental Cattle Breeds, Domestic Wagyu Beef from Southern Meat Co is your first class ticket for becoming backyard royalty.  Fire up the grill and grab a frosty's time to do some serious cooking!
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