SMC & Covid-19

COVID-19 has deeply impacted our all of us, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to help supply your family with high quality proteins at an affordable price.  We want to thank all of our doctors, nurses, first responders, meat suppliers, farmers/ranchers, grocery store workers, sanitation department, law enforcement, and any other unsung hero during this time.  If you or your family has been directly affected by this virus, our hearts are with you.



Delivering your Meat



Our top priority is keeping our employees and our customers safe while continuing to deliver your meat orders.  With that being said, we are constantly evolving how we deliver.  Currently, we are coming directly to your neighborhood during set hours on a specific day. The pre-arranged pick-up spot will be announced prior to your pick-up day.   Please drive up to our location, stay in your car and roll your window down and tell us your order number.  We will stay 6 feet away so you may need to raise your voice to ensure we hear you!  Upon confirmation, we will place your order in your trunk, back seat or bed of your truck.  Keep in mind that majority of the beef, poultry and pork will be fresh and will need refrigeration ASAP.  Most seafood and some beef, poultry and pork may be frozen.  If you would like us to place your order in a cooler, the lid needs to be opened for us to place your order into and closed by you.



Safety and Sanitization



Although there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food, we’ve taken many precautions at all of our facilities, such as maintaining physical distance between us and our supplier (currently we are only using a single supply partner to limit exposure as well), sanitizing frequently, hand-washing constantly, use of masks and other measures.  Orders will be placed in a brand new plastic bag that may be recycled or disposed of after use.



Keeping Products in Stock



We are restocking products regularly, but with the current strain on the meat and seafood supplier chain, there may be orders that we cannot fill.  If this issue arises, we will reach out to you via phone or email to discuss options or replacement items.  Additionally, we are doing everything we can to keep the prices low for you, but the pricing will vary depending on the market.



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Stay safe and healthy!



Sam & the SMC Team